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About Tigera

Tigera provides Zero Trust network security and continuous compliance for Kubernetes platforms.

Tigera Secure Enterprise Edition extends enterprise security and compliance controls to Kubernetes environments with support for on-premises, multi-cloud, and legacy environments. Tigera Secure Cloud Edition is available on the AWS marketplace and enables fine-grained security and compliance controls for Kubernetes on AWS and Amazon EKS.

Tigera powers all of the major Hosted Kubernetes environments including Amazon EKS, Azure AKS, Google GKE, and IBM Container Service. Tigera is also integrated with the major on-premises Kubernetes deployments and is shipped “batteries included” in Docker EE and fully integrated with Red Hat OpenShift.

Tigera Secure builds on leading open source projects: Kubernetes, Calico, and Istio, which Tigera engineers maintain and contribute to as active members of the cloud-native community. Our employees are experts in securing Kubernetes and our technology is deployed in the largest SaaS, financial services, gaming, and retail companies where security and compliance are critical to the business.

Why Join Us

Tigera is on track to be the next greatest enterprise software company. We are funded by top-tier VCs, have an amazing product and brilliant team.

We are in a very exciting, dynamic, bleeding edge market. Kubernetes is one of the most-popular open source projects in history and is being evaluated or adopted by every major enterprise on the planet.

Our technology has been OEMed by every major cloud provider for their managed Kubernetes services as well as integrated into the most-popular commercial distributions like Docker, OpenShift, Mesosphere, and Canonical. Our rapidly growing customer base are all household names that rely on us to secure their revenue-generating applications.

The first step towards this vision of the future is to drive the broadest possible adoption of a truly cloud-native approach to application connectivity, networking and network security, which we believe dictates an open-source-first strategy, with packaged enterprise solutions built on open source.

Hence our initial focus on open source Project Calico, Istio and related open technologies including Kubernetes.

Role Description

You will be joining a team that is highly engineering-focused with a culture that values diversity, collaboration, agility and innovation, keeping us one step ahead in the exciting and fast moving cloud-native technology space.

As a Software Engineer specializing in data, you will

  • Build the data systems that power Tigera’s threat research team.
    • Collect data from field partners
    • Store and secure the data
    • Provide powerful data analysis tools to our security researchers
  • Build data collection, storage, and analysis features into our commercial products.

As an early stage startup, everyone is expected to pitch in and wear multiple hats. If you are interested, there are ample opportunities for you to connect with our community and customers including meetups, conferences, developer summits and sale engagements.



  • 8+ years of product-oriented software engineering experience.
  • Extensive experience building systems that collect, store, and analyze data at scale.
  • Solid programming and testing skills (Python or Golang experience highly desirable).
  • A drive to get things done in a highly collaborative, agile development environment.
  • Experience implementing features in one or more of the following areas: extract-transform-load (ETL), streaming data processing, data aggregation or summarization, anonymization, query optimization, distributed processing (Hadoop, Spark, etc), machine learning.
  • BS in CS or related / similar degree (equivalent experience may suffice).


  • Experience operating large scale data systems
  • Experience with container-based clusters like Kubernetes, Docker, or Mesos
  • Experience building data applications in public clouds like AWS, Azure, or GCE
  • Experience in machine learning and/or TensorFlow
  • Experience in an early-stage startup
  • Experience contributing to open source projects
  • Experience with anomaly detection


Tigera is an early-stage startup, well funded by top-tier VCs. We offer a competitive compensation package along with full health, vision and dental benefits. We believe in a collaborative, flexible work environment based on respect for, and commitment from, every employee. These benefits, coupled with an amazing team of individuals who believe in our mission and value openness, collaboration and teamwork, make Tigera an awesome place to work.

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